Friday, 29 September 2017

bag making

when matua x from zero waste raglan came to our school to teach us about recycling.
when he was teaching us on the second day he taught us how to make a bag out of old t-shirt.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017







Friday, 10 March 2017

Pirongia montain

Pirongia Mountain
mangakara-track-pirongia-maunga.jpgMisty magical mythical mornings.
Slowly waking up .
Every day i need a shake.
To get ready for morning break.
At the edge of the bush.
Hoping that i don't hurt my tush.
Then i see my sister flop
She gets up and stands in glop

A brown sloppy gew that looks like poo

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

First week at year 8

so far the first week is frustrating because its hard to settle in.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

White water world

On Monday the 12th of september we went to white water world my 2 favorite rides where blue ring octopus or bro and the rip. The bro was a race there's a count down when the countdown is finished you push of in to the tunnel and the first one to the end is the winner. And the rip is when you hop on a inflatable raft and go down in a really big tube after some turns go shooting down and fly into a giant Boal and spin around in the Boal with hoses 

camp story

We went on a camp
It included a tramp.
And Troy fell off a ramp
He was riding a bike
Maybe they should have given him a small trike
When it was night
We had to turn off the light
Cause the day was so bright.
We tucked up in our sleeping bags all tight
And slept a few hours each night.
But I had a dream that there was a big fight in the middle of the night.
We had a game with a ball it was inside the hall.
The other team won because they had someone tall.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Wet and Wild

On sunday the 11th of september 2016 we went to wet and wild and we got really sunburnt the back of my neck and my shoulders where red and stinging even though we put a lot of sunscreen favorite ride was the aqua loop you have to walk up a lot of stairs when we get to the top of the tower we hop in a capsule when the slide is ready the doors are locked there is a count down when the countdown is finished the floor droops away and you go shooting down and . At 12:30 we signed up for the flow rider we get 30 minets to free style on a board it didn't take me long to fall and face plant in the water after a little while the motor stops working because it wasn't getting enough water so we got extra time to surf which was good.

Lazy saturday

On the 10th of september 2016 we were all exhausted soo much so we decided to take a day off from the theam parks and Relax when all of us were awake dad wanted to go shopping so we went along way to the to the shopping mall when we were there it was packed with cars so it took us so long to get a parking. After a good 10 minets finding a park we found one so we got out of the car and walked out in the rain and hid in a shop when the rain stopped we split up Anna and I were together and hayley and dad were together so Anna and I went to a the shops and half of them were blacked out Luckily all the good shops were at the end of the day i went home with aa golf ball, a mini basketball and some new shoes that were 200$  but i got them for 80$

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Sea world

On Thursday the 8th of September 2016 we went to sea world the first thing that we did was watch a very funny sea lion show!
After that we walked to the very back of sea world and watched another show but it wasn't a sea lion show it was a dolphin show the dolphins did front flips,360s and lifted people in the air by the feet.
When we heard that there was a polar bear i ran to its enclosure it looked very sad because it has no one else to play with.
At the end of the day we did all the rides my favourite one was the jet ski rescue you get lots of speed the corners are really freaky.

Movie world

On Friday the 9th of September we went to movie world. We got to skip the line because we had a special cards.The people that were in the line were complaining about how we can skip the whole line. When we got in the first thing we did was go on the green lantern roller coaster. You need to search it up on google ok i was the third person to be on the ride that day it was terrifying.
At 1:00 we got to see a 4D short film of the road runner the chairs moved and water gets sprayed on your face after we watched the movie I went to get my new cap it was air brushed that day.
When I got my cap we went to a drift car show at movie world there's nothing better than Burning rubber.
After the show the super man ride opened up we got to be at the front of the ride when we were on the ride we experienced 4.2 positive g's and 1 negative g.