Monday, 12 September 2016

Lazy saturday

On the 10th of september 2016 we were all exhausted soo much so we decided to take a day off from the theam parks and Relax when all of us were awake dad wanted to go shopping so we went along way to the to the shopping mall when we were there it was packed with cars so it took us so long to get a parking. After a good 10 minets finding a park we found one so we got out of the car and walked out in the rain and hid in a shop when the rain stopped we split up Anna and I were together and hayley and dad were together so Anna and I went to a the shops and half of them were blacked out Luckily all the good shops were at the end of the day i went home with aa golf ball, a mini basketball and some new shoes that were 200$  but i got them for 80$

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