Saturday, 10 September 2016

Movie world

On Friday the 9th of September we went to movie world. We got to skip the line because we had a special cards.The people that were in the line were complaining about how we can skip the whole line. When we got in the first thing we did was go on the green lantern roller coaster. You need to search it up on google ok i was the third person to be on the ride that day it was terrifying.
At 1:00 we got to see a 4D short film of the road runner the chairs moved and water gets sprayed on your face after we watched the movie I went to get my new cap it was air brushed that day.
When I got my cap we went to a drift car show at movie world there's nothing better than Burning rubber.
After the show the super man ride opened up we got to be at the front of the ride when we were on the ride we experienced 4.2 positive g's and 1 negative g.

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