Wednesday, 23 November 2016

White water world

On Monday the 12th of september we went to white water world my 2 favorite rides where blue ring octopus or bro and the rip. The bro was a race there's a count down when the countdown is finished you push of in to the tunnel and the first one to the end is the winner. And the rip is when you hop on a inflatable raft and go down in a really big tube after some turns go shooting down and fly into a giant Boal and spin around in the Boal with hoses 

camp story

We went on a camp
It included a tramp.
And Troy fell off a ramp
He was riding a bike
Maybe they should have given him a small trike
When it was night
We had to turn off the light
Cause the day was so bright.
We tucked up in our sleeping bags all tight
And slept a few hours each night.
But I had a dream that there was a big fight in the middle of the night.
We had a game with a ball it was inside the hall.
The other team won because they had someone tall.